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Bob's CNC E4 for Sale $100.00 Northern Illinois

Machine is in very good working order. It was purchased in December 2019. It was being used until recently when I upgraded to a larger machine.
Accessories included: dust shoe, clamps, spare router, extra set of belts, instructions are all included.
The machine is fully assembled and will be a “pick up only sale”. Original cost of machine without the extras was $898.00
The machine is located in the Northwest Chicago suburbs.
Pictures available upon request

Which machine is the E4. If it’s an X-Carve, I’ll take it.


Also can I get some pics?

No, It’s 100% not an X-Carve. It’s a fire starter (my opinion based on the stories and social media posts of other owners) The Bobs CNC Evolution 4 is this: (oh and Bob, the designer, swapped the X and Y… X is the open direction and Y hits the “front” and “back”, so you can’t even tile in Easel unless you go in and swap the axises back which isn’t a simple process…)

That Said, for $100 I would still add it to the pile of CNC’s in my shop if I was local :slight_smile:

Here are pics that you requested.

Hi Glen Is the machine still available? I’m also from Northern Illinois. Thank you.

I’m sorry but it has been sold. Thanks for your interest.
Best Regards,

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