Bosch deep cuts go off track

Machine Specs
xcarve 1000mm
motors nema 23
spindle bosch colt

It isn’t a consistent problem, but when I try to make deep profile cuts (>0.5 in) with a 0.25 end mill, even with a small z cut depth of 0.05in the machine goes off course. I’ve tried tightening belts and increasing potentiometers. Neither have reliably solved my issue.

I’ve done some research into the bosch and found that they have runout issues. Is this enough to cause my issue? Do I need to retool the machine with a dewalt? I’ve had success with programming the profile as a pocket slightly larger than the bit diameter. However this adds significant machine time.


Sorry if it wasn’t clear. I’m not cutting 1/2 inch at one time. I’m steeping the cut depth 0.05 inches each pass.

The issue happens when I reach a 1/2 inch depth.

As for the adjusting, I follow the recommended guides from the building instructions. Before assuming I haven’t done any research or my due diligence, please read the whole post.

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