Both CNC4Newbies Risers and Xcarve complete Upgrade

Question on the GRBL settings post upgrade. I did the complete Inventables upgrade, and I also bought and installed the 2 risers that cap the Gantry. So do I have to change any additional numbers? I didnt think so since it is a static increase, and once the drop plate and such are adjusted, (Ill still be aiming to be able to just graze the wasteboard).

If I am missing something please let me know. I am still probably going to at least get the Z axis from CNC4newbies, and possibly their complete Ultimate Upgrade, as i want to get away from the dewalt router.

The instructions for both upgrades include a final step with the grbl settings changes. :+1:

HOWEVER keep in mind that if you end up switching computers, or there’s a browser update or even windows update that clears the browser cache, or you run a antivirus that routinely clears cache; the clearing of cache forces you to re-do the machine setup, and your grbl settings will be reverted back to stock and you’ll either crash the CNC on the next carve OR if you remember this warning you’ll go in and verify the settings b4 the crash happens… :man_shrugging:


I always recommend recording the GRBL settings in a notebook. I have the old and new settings listed. If you encounter a problem it is easy to recover and enter in the required settings


I appreciate the info. I’ll make sure to write them down, and take pictures.

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