Bottle carrier for my homebrew

now that the machine is running right i get to play and make projects:
made from 1/2" baltic birch plywood still needs sanded and filled


nice. Was just thinking about doing something similar today, need to get my replacement spindle first. Glad to a wood 6pack looks good.

yes it does kinda want to go get some maple or hickory to make one out of

Excellent Mike, I like that.

Would dowls and glue work as well as screws? Don’t know if that would be strong enough.



i would think so as long aas its wood glue, i might have to pick up a dowel rod today and try it out, the screws are mostly just insurance to make sure the bottom doesnt fall out when loaded

Agreed. With such a precious cargo you want to be sure :smile:

i went out today and picked up a 1/4" walnut dowel rod. removed the screws drilled out the holes and glued and tapped the dowels in makes for a nice contrast and will look quite nice when it gets sanded and finished, now to refine my process so the dowel ends look nicer than they do now. thank you for the idea IanWatkins!

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Excellent Mike. :smile:

Very cool! You could probably design it to put some slots in the sides to hold the bottom as well. With some good wood glue, you could probably get rid of all the screws.

i did replace all of the screws with dowel pins and i am fairly confident it will hold and last, now im playing around with one out of 1/8" material that should knock apart for storage which would be handy

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This is a great idea! If any of you are using V-Carve Pro, there is an easy to use dovetail gadget that would make this snap together nicely and keep the bottom secure.