Bow tie help

Anyone have a wearable bow tie project that has some dimension? Trying for something that isn’t just flat

When you say “Bow Tie”, are you talking about something a person would wear around their neck or are you talking about a wood piece used to stabilize a joint or crack?

Something to wear around the neck! Very new to this and have seen lots of pics but can’t find any projects to learn from

Look here for an example.

These are all of the bow tie projects I could find in the projects. To go full 3D you will need something beyond Easel. Do you have any software like Vectric?

I was hoping for more 3D. I have vectric

Vectric has a great video using Aspire to make a 3D bow tie

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I have V-Carve desktop. Any of these thingiverse .STL files can be imported into V-Carve and tool paths can be created.

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Vectric recently released a tie as a free project. Check your customer portal.

Sign up for their newsletter and they send out free projects sometimes.

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