Bow Tie with Inlay

I needed something for a daddy daughter thing this afternoon, so I whipped this up last night. I was looking for an excuse to try some inlays on my X-Carve, and I wanted to try resewing on my new bandsaw, and this fit both bills.

Walnut with padauk inlay, tung oil finish. Designed in Affinity, imported as an SVG into Easel. I used a 1mm upcut for most of the work, and ran a 90 degree v-bit around the edge right before the final cut to give it a bevel.

Close up of the back. I wanted the padauk to wrap all the way on the front, but I still wanted the walnut to stay intact for structural support since the whole thing is only 5mm thick. The walnut is all a single piece, with the center section remaining intact under the padauk. The inlay portions were oversized by a quarter inch or so, then the final outline cut and bevel gave it the finished edge. This is the kind of thing that would be very difficult or nearly impossible without an X-Carve…


Looks fantastic!

This is incredible! Great choice of woods, the look really good together.


Beautiful work

Looks great

That looks awesome. I would love to see the 2 pieces before you assembled them.

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Thanks - I’ll work on getting some photos - I think I’ll make a second one for my brother and I’ll get better pictures next time. Maybe post a project if I can work it in.

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