Bowl cutting bits with Easel

Was wondering i am planning on trying to make a couple trays and shallow bowls with my x-carve but was wondering how do you think X-carve/Easel will react to using this type of bit. Also to properly tell easel what size bit im using, would i measure the bit at its widest point? Thank for the help with this.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

You will want to use a ball end mill for this. At the present time Easel doesn’t have an efficient way to do a bowl but it can do a pocket or a tray.

In the mean time try if you want a spherical bowl try V-Carve pro or a CAD tool like tinkercad and Meshcam, or Fusion360.

Mainly im looking to use the bowl bit to put the curve on the inside of a pocket cut as the bowl will be cut from multiple layers of different wood but the bottom part needs to have that curved bottom

The way to try it in easel is to import a gradient. @sketch42 can show you how.

Thanks Zach.
@sketch42 can i send you a private message and see about working with you when you have time sir to help me with this?

Thank you

Sure, you can PM me if you like… or we could just discuss it in this thread and let the conversation benefit others.

Do you have drawings of what you’d like to accomplish?

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i would to know how to import a gradient for bowls and such

Importing a gradient is more like importing a bunch of gradient steps instead of an actual vector with a gradient fill. This video tutorial that I made might help you get started:

Let me know if you need more specific help after that.