Bowser Bottle Opener

My mate has moved into a new flat and he is doing his house warming this evening.
He is a huge Nintendo fan so I thought I would just create a real quick bottle opener for him.

To be honest I am way more happy with the result than I expected!

Width: 210mm
Height: 240mm
Depth: 18mm

1/8 Downcut bit with 1700 mm/min and a depth per pass with of 1.5mm.
Took around 25 minutes completely.

You can find the image via Google ‘Bowser Vector’ if you like it!
Glad if you got any tips for me on how to improve my work or speed it up!


Your carve came out really nice. Other than the lack or real estate to mount the bottle opener, it would be cool if it could have been placed in the mouth region. My son is a Nintendo fan and would enjoy this Bowser carve on his wall. Thanks for sharing.

How about not carving all the way through the mouth and adding some strong magnets on the back to catch the bottle caps. Just a thought.