Box cutting question

I’m about to embark on the making of a nice shoe box for my nephew to store his cleats in. I’m working with the 500mm and my wood is only 11 1/2 inches wide. So I’ll be breaking the project up into three different cuts. I have some 3/4 inch walnut that I’d like to use, is this too wood to thick for making a box like this? Also, do you have any recommendations on a bit size. Ultimately the box will be 12x8x5. I’ve made a few other small things for my son, teething ring and a few cars, but nothing that required joints like this. If I can get it cut in time, I’ll come back and do some engraving on the top lid. If I run short on time though, I may do that part on a 60 w laser cutter that I have access too for expediency.

Thanks for any tips.


Bob is correct, cutting rectangles on the X-Carve takes way longer than using your table saw or miter saw. Cut the sides at a 45 degree miter and glue it together. Then carve the top on the X-Carve.

I would use 1/4 inch thick wood for the box.

Oh, I think you can get very nice corners on the CNC :slight_smile:


Erik, is there a plug-in to generate those joints or did you manually do that?

The box above and this one were created using:


Ok, it looks like I’ll take everyone’s advice and do the 1/4 ply. I just happened to have this walnut, but I’ll find something else to use it for. Thanks for all of the advice.

Thanks, Erik. I’ll take a look at this for a project down the line.

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It is a really good program, I have made dozens of boxes with it. Using 1/4" material up to 3/4".

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Me three.

Have you used the dovetail version? If so, how well does it work?

I have not used that one. Sorry.

This one looks cool

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