Box joints

has anyone done boxjoints★lasercut-tabbed-box

This was cut with the Tailmaker program @NAM37 mentioned above.


I love what you did with this box! What program did you use to run the Gcode?

Thanks! The G-Code was generated with the Tailmaker program and sent to the X-Carve with Universal G-Code Sender.

Thanks for the info. Did the .tap plug in directly into UGS, or did you have to edit lines?

I edited the header, I took a header from a V-Carve generated G-Code and just pasted that to the beginning. If you go this route, make sure you know what commands you are pasting :slight_smile:

Damn, I’m green when it comes to reading the codes. I’m still learning.

I’ll pull up the actual files and let you know what I did…it won’t be until the weekend. It wasn’t much.

956-279-1749. feel free to text/email me directly. i appreciate your help!

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