Box maker project

Designed a box 4.75 square with a lid. I haven’t carved it yet. I’m wondering what those 2 long rectangles are? They seem to be being carved in the simulation, but I have no idea what function they serve.

Can you give a screen shot or share your project so we can see

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Pic upload didn’t work, but looking at the box maker I’m pretty sure what you’re describing are the dados for a sliding lid.

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thats exactly what they are

Thanks for all the help on the box with a sliding lid, but have a new issue, and maybe it’s Mach3. When making a the classic box it’s 5x5x5 with .50 tabs and slots. It ends up cutting the slots at .50, but the tabs are .25. Works but pretty sloppy. Tried with and without dog bones.

Sounds like you switched the cut to inside path or on path (depending on 1/8" or 1/4" bit) instead of outside path.