Box plans for x-carve

Hi there forum members

Does anyone know where to find a drawing for a box
With hinges 50 x 20 cm
I’ll do it in walnut or mahogany


There’s a list of box designers here:

I worked up a simple box design w/ integrated hinges — it’s shown at: and the design process and source files are shown in:

How do I design a lid that looks like the picture?

Thank´s Phil
I have read you post and looked at the picture you enclosed
but I can´t get it anyway
I´m not sure I understand the meaning of one rectangle inside the other
and one outside

Is it??? so do it.
If you go to Vectric site, You’ll find Tutorial page explains step by step how to operate Aspire.
Go read and watch all those videos, will help a lot.

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Yes Robert I have Aspire, but I haven´t found some hints to do a box there

You are so kind and friendly to help a newbe

I was thinking doing the box like the one in Easel but
without the tabs under the lid

Thank´s Robert
I think I´ll stick to Easel when it comes to make my box.
I had the same idea as you was suggested with the squares
I didn´t find a simple way to make box in Aspire