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hello all, newbie here.

Box #1 fit together just fine. I changed the size to a larger rectangle box via a newly generated worksheet/box and the tabs arent close. When I compare the tabs and slots on the layout they clearly do not match. Am I missing something?

thanks, Rick

figured it out. user error on my part. tried to delete post but couldnt. sorry

Feel free to post the error you corrected so that others may learn to avoid the same mistake as well.


Brandon R. Parker

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using a 2 x 2 sheet, i used the app to create a box and initiated the carve. all went well until I decided to add some text on the bottom of the box after the carve completed. when i initiated that carve, the box tabs pulled loose and the bit cut a hole through the box bottom. So, I created a second project and copy/pasted the box bottom from P1 to P2 and did the carve on another area of the same piece of wood.

when I took the pieces apart, i ignored the original bottom with the hole and used the sides from P1 with the bottom from P2. This is the one that did not match up. (when i used the P1 bottom, all was fine, abeit with a hole making it unuseable).

So, I guess when I did the copy/paste to the new project the dimensions changed somehow. Maybe I stretched it without knowing it, or maybe the copy/paste didnt pick up the right dimensions, or who knows. The end result is the P2 bottom didn’t fit the P1 sides but the P1 bottom fit the sides perfectly.


I see…

The copy/paste has typically always been flawless for me. I would suspect that the shape was accidentally changed.


Brandon R. Parker

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