Braille project

hello, i am new to x carve community.
i am trying to figure out if it is possible to make ADA compliant signs with this machine.
including adding braille beads. if someone has done a project like this can you please help me in figuring out
what tools i would need and if at all possible.
thank you

another way to do it would be to make inlays that are raised. just carve out holes to put braille dots into… use small dowels for example.

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THIS is way this is a fabulous community. What terrific set of ideas!

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Using BB’s would be inexpensive assuming they offer the correct texture/feel

Don’t know from airlift, but sounds splendid!

the power of autocorrect. My favorite was when I texted my wife “want to watch fantastic beast?”

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Just curious. Seems like a 6mm sphere is a bit big for this project. No?

maybe some small steel shot?

maybe this?

2mm plastic balls

If you want your Braille sign to actually be ADA compliant I don’t think of the suggestions made so far will work. Google ADA compliant Braille. It is very specific on size, spacing, height, width, material, etc. At my work we use a round bottom end mill to drill a hole just deep enough to press fit hard plastic Braille beads into the hole, NO glue. That’s not the only way to make an ADA compliant sign just the only way to make one with a router. I can find you a source for the beads if you like and even some tips and tricks if your interested.


yes! thats exactly what im looking for @DouglasSchafer if you can get me more info i would greatly appreciate it.

thank you all

I carved a Brail sign once (not really)… it left a bunch of bumps and I had to sand it smooth.

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Braille can be a pocket cut as well. I used to deboss vinyl cards for a local bus company so they could hold up the number of bus route the person would like to take.

You could also use a round nose bit, drill holes and then glue in place some round beads.

Does anyone know where i can purchase the bit and beads needed for this project? i need it to be ADA compliant. therefore i cant use any work around to this. THANKS ALL!