Brand New 1000mm X-Carve, no controller, no router

Hey guys, I have a brand new 1000mm X-Carve for sale. Its a few years old, NOT the updated one. It does not come with the modern X-controller or router, but it does have the original controller. Other than that, see for yourself. Asking $900, machine is located in CT.


where are you located?

Machine is in CT, I’m located in NJ. Shipping can be arranged.

I’m in wa state, not sure what it would cost to ship it

Would you consider donating it? I could hopefully cover the shipping, but I’m unfortunately a disabled gentleman located in Colorado. I was given an older 500mm that has been falling apart to the point that Inventables cannot help me anymore. I can’t afford much ($100 is stretching it), but it would be going somewhere where it’ll be used often and would do good.

I would consider it if you covered the shipping cost. Be aware shipping is going to cost a few hundred $, and then a few hundred $ in parts to get it up and running. Meanwhile, Inventables offers a brand new unit at 0% financing for one year, which comes with free support and a warranty…

Thank you Mike. My problem with that is that my monthly income so far has been going straight into paying for my house, food, electricity, etc. I have the worst credit in history and really no money for a monthly payment. As well, before my accident (motorcycle. Just say no.) I owned my own business that I was still making payments on things in. So, finances are a huge part of why I want to get building things. I don’t want anybody to feel bad about helping me, so if you can’t, don’t. I have about $80 saved, so I can possibly help with shipping, it that will help.

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Is this still for sale? Can you disassemble it for shipping?

When you say " falling apart", what exactly do you need to get your machine up and running?

Very interested. Plz text 253 583 4321. Cash in hand


It’s been sold. Thank you