Brass fidget spinner

All I can say is C360 brass is the new favorite metal to cut on the xcarve. This stuff is like butter no welding to the bit almost no chatter and no grabbing the metal pulling it into the work. pricey but beautiful metal to work with.
Still a work in progress but here is the main body before finishing and yes the points will go blunt after polishing

Still polishing but getting there


looking sharp!

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“and yes the points will go blunt after polishing”. just take all the fun out of it will ya? :wink:

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i make a lot of pointed spinners and that almost is always brought up lol so i figured i would get out of the way in advanced

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Where did you get your C360 brass and what are the dimensions ?

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thats more than a spinner. Its a Shuriken!

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Trying to be polite here. But why are you advertising on my post I don’t make them for me. I make these and get descent cash to do so. People pay extra $$$$ for something no one else has. Not everyone wants the same bland design. Do you not realize that those 2 pieces of overpriced metal can make a profit of $600 in my pocket. So yes the material cost is well worth it.
disregard this and move along people lol.

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How do you make your caps or buttons or whatever its called that goes in the center of the bearing? assuming that is a two sided operation?

cut out the shape of the cap and whatever design that goes on it clamp down some scrap wood and cut a pocket that is the same shape as the cap add a dot of superglue then cut the back side they can be made press fit or cut a .125x.125 pocket for use with neo magnets

That is very nice! Thank you for sharing.

Do you have any problems with the 7 mm thick bearings and 6.35 mm thick material? I have been reluctant to purchase the 1/4 inch stock.

I cut a step in the cap to allow for the difference

Good idea, can you show a picture of your caps (if it is not proprietary).

let me see if i have any left

I am feeling stupid, because I am not understanding how the step helps with the bearing sticking slightly above the material. I would have thought you would need a pocket in the cap for the little bit of standout from the bearing to sit in.

got a photo uploading I found a unfinished cap i had lost. amazing how fast you can find something when you no longer need it

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if you had a tap for a blind hole you could thread it and cut off a screw and use it as a stud and screw the cap to the other cap. I have also done this but did not have the proper tap so I drilled all the way through

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@ShaneBell I What feeds&speeds did you use on this brass?

tomorrow I will take a look to see if I still have the setup files cause off the top of my head I don’t remember.

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dewalt setting of 1
.125 4 flute bit