Brass Materials for Branding Iron

Hey all, waiting for my xcarve to ship and have in the mean time been compiling what seems to be a never ending list of projects. In that list are some items that use brass… one in particular would be a Branding Iron. Where are you all getting your brass, and is there any specific grade of brass you recommend for this task? Thanks everyone! is a good source. ebay can be decent.

i’ve been searching for the same thing recently, search “branding iron” in the forums, you’ll find some good resources including which bits to use. is the best place I’ve found so far.

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Thanks for sharing @PhilJohnson and thanks for the tips @TinKirFX I think I may go with some good stock I found on ebay! but Online Metals is next in line

I have thousands of rounds of brass that’s been fired too many times to anneal and resize, so I smelted it down into bars and I’ve been turning stuff out of it. A piece for a brand is on my list, just need to get it on the mill.

Check out grant Thompson’s YouTube channel on his smelter, I copied his design. Fun project for the son and i. We’ve been melting alum cans too.

Ill do it daddio!