Brass Medallion

I got a job to do a medal for a woman who really, really likes her boyfriend… who apparently lifts weights. I hope it meets with their approval!

I wanted to post it here because it is shiny, but also to note that I used 100 grit, then 400 grit, then STRAIGHT to the buffing wheel and got a really nice finish in this brass. In the past, I would go two more steps with sand paper… but the buffing wheel and red rouge seemed sufficiently capable of buffing out 400 grit sanding.


Nice work, weird request lol.

You don’t even WANT to know what is engraved on the back. :slight_smile:


Well now I kinda do…


Very nice, where did you get the brass plate?

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What kind of bit did you use, settings all that Jazz! Please !

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WOW, that is really cool!

Nice job

Brass carve quite nicely doesn’t it? :slight_smile:
What is the OD of the medallion?

Details please. Thickness of material, DOC, speeds, bit used, etc. Where’d you source the metal?

Thanks! Extruded C360 H02 Half Hard Brass Rectangle Bar .25" thich face milled down to .19, finish thickness .1875"

Extruded C360 H02 Half Hard Brass Rectangle Bar

ABOUT THE HOLE: That is peck drilling with a .175" drill bit. I have never seen that kind of finish before. It has since been chamfered. I am not sure how that pattern developed. Spindle speed was 5000 rpm, pecking at .1" per peck at 10" per minute.

.25" thick stock, two sided job. Face milled both sides down .03: with .375" four flute end mill, 45 inches per minute and .01" DOC. Engraved with 30 degree standard engraving bit .03" deep. Profile cut was .25" four flute end mill 50 ipm, .01 DOC (with tabs).

Diameter of medal is 3", Thickness .1875". Final weight. 6oz.

Engraving on back: “You snatched my heart.” Which, initially I thought was a double entendre given the weight lifter on the front. Then, I though it was better not to think anymore and just… do.


That looks amazing. I’m thinking about milling my own brass logo tags for my cutting boards. How did you hold the brass down and also how did you index it for the two sided milling?

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I use a 4" vise to hold it with a bar clamped on one side. Slide the material in against the bar, mill one side, flip front to back, slide against bar mill other side. The key is to make sure you can find dead center in the y axis. You can do this with a probe and some math.

Very nice. But it looks like on the front that the weightlifter is doing a snatch, so the wording on the back makes sense.

Real nice job you did there. Looks amazing!!! Trust me, I have had some crazy requests when it comes to my CNC Plasma table so I do expect the same with the X-Carve.

I didn’t see it in your details but what was your IPM and DOC for your engraving?

40 ipm .005

Man I love this! Great Work. I just finished a brand and was wondering if I decided to do any polishing on it how far it would need to go. Great advice!