Break downs

I have had many break downs started with stepper motors 8 died so far then power supply went up in flames well smoke came out of it fire hazard. Then the electronics went 2 times .
Didnt change any settings on electronics but for power supply i did australia settings. Anyone else having so many problems or is it me.

8 stepper motors sounds a bit suss. I’d certainly suspect the power supply as the root problem.
No such problems for me but then I’m not using the stock electronics.

wow, maybe check your outlets for surges

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Good point, Brian. Op, are you using a surge protector?

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Hi thanks for reply yeah lost 4 motors at once when power supply died . replaced them motors local supplier i think he gave me 2nd hand motors which overtime they went again got new power unit off ebay and electronics too . Didnt get replacement parts from usa postage takes for ever

no surge protector will invest in one

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