Breaking bits

I got my X-Carve setup this last week and have made several good carvings. However, I have broken 2 of the 1/8" 2FL straight bits going through pine. I used Easle with feed rate of 40 in/min, Plunge rate of 9 in/min, and depth per pass of 0.028 in. Both bits have broken off in the collet about 1/8" from the top of the bit.The bit is seated fully in the collet as the black ring is flush against the bottom of the router. I am using the Dewault 611 with the 1/8" adapter sent from inventables. Any ideas why it would be breaking in the collet?

As Phil says your feedrate and depth per pass seem fine. So I would check to be sure everthing is tight. If your Z axis has any looseness then the chance of breaing a bit is much higher.

With the power turned off and a .125 tool loaded in the collet, grab the end of the tool and try to move it left/right/forward/backward/up/down. If you can wiggle it in any direction you need to find out what is loose and tighten it. It will most likely be a loose v-wheel, or bolt has worked loose on the Z axis attechment somewhere.

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Thanks Phil, I will get one of those collets. I figured my rates were a little slow but I wanted to make sure everything was cutting alright before trying anything faster.

Thanks Allen. I just checked it. There is no movement left/right or up/down. There is a tiny bit of movement forward/back. I can’t decide if that is flex in the X axis maker slides or if a v-wheel is loose. How tight should those v-wheels be? Should you be able to turn them with your fingers with little pressure?

You should be able to turn them with your thumb with a moderate pressure. You just want to be sure you eliminate as much play as possible.

Have you been able to make any successful cuts? What speed are you setting the Dewalt to?

Ok. I may need to tighten them up just a pinch. I’ll give it a try.

Here is what I got with my x-carve. 1/4" collet with an adapter for 1/8".

I have made some successful cuts and a few good projects. It seems to cut pretty square from what i can tell. I am going to check my square again this afternoon to make sure everything is good there and then tighten up the v-wheels a bit. I may need to find a thread on the power adjustments also.

I was thinking (incorrectly) you had a .125 collet. Yes, immediatly order a real .125 collet, those adapters are nothing but trouble.


Doing it now! Thanks!

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