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Breaking Easel with height maps!

Well… I’ve found yet another way to bring Easel to it’s knees:

I’m working on a new app that takes image height maps (any grayscale image) and converts it into layers that can be carved. Needless to say Easel doesn’t like it when you have 100+ overlapping layers. :sweat_smile:

The app works by implementing the Marching Squares algorithm and looking at the color value of the pixels. The resolution of the squares can be adjusted to get finer or coarser detail. And the number of layers can be adjusted.

The app is actually pretty simple. A bit more testing and I’ll submit it to inventables for review.

Marching Squares javascript code:
App inspired by this video:

Also, if anyone knows where to find heightmaps for each individual US state, I’d appreciate it! :+1:


Sounds amazing!

WOW hopefully this one comes out sounds like an awesome addition to the apps

Sounds great!