Bringing 2 shapes together

I have a leg of a step stool, drew half of it as a pattern, copied it and flipped it horizontally so the 2 sides are exactly the same. The original (half) is drawn in Easel using the line tool. So I want to put there together, remove the center line, maybe remove and replace the center square box. How can I do this?

Hey Tim, I have some Ideas BUT they might not work with LINES usually it’s best to use a solid shape like a rectangle and edit from there, because lines cannot be joined within Easel…

If you can share the project I can see if the method I’m thinking of will even work.
In Easel go to Project>Share then set it to “Unlisted” and copy the link shown, then paste that link over here…

Shared Project Link: Easel - Stool
I’m playing around with the second tab, leaving the first ‘untouched’.

See if this works for you. Below is what I did…

  1. Centered the objects on the horizontal centerline.
  2. Ensured the cuts were “Outside” and the object were not locked
  3. Selected the left-most object
  4. Selected the lower-right position indicator to get the right-side X-Coordinates.
  5. Copied the X-Corrdinate
  6. Selected the right-most object
  7. Selected the lower-left position indicator to show the left-side X-Coordinates.
  8. Changed the left-side X-Coordinates to those found in Step 4.
  9. Selected both objects and then combined them
  10. Double-clicked on the new object and removed the points shown in the red outline below.

You can then just place a rectangular cutout wherever you want in the new design.

I hope that helps…


Brandon Parker

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That worked really well. Thanks for the help. Awesome.


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