Bringing the XCarve out of storage

I bought this XCarve 5 years ago, built it, and used it a handful of times. If performed flawlessly! It was setup in the spare bedroom and I never got my dust collection dialed so I discontinued use. Shortly after I moved and the Xcarve went in storage, where it has been for 3 or 4 years. Fast forward to today. Finally got a shop to put it in with a dust collection set-up. So here it sits.

This is the older model I believe. How good is the XController and upgrades? Should I do them? I plan on getting it up and running and then deciding what upgrades I should make. Anything else you would recommend I do before I start cutting? Great to be back!

inspect the vwheels for dead spots from sitting and gravity pressing down on them, which can cause flat spots.
Give that Z lead screw a blast of PTFE dry lube and it should be good to go…

Regarding upgrades and spare parts…
Either get spare belts or Upgrade to 9mm and grad a spare set of those too…
I’d check the brushes on the router and grab a spare set of those too.

I had a shapeoko2 and upgraded it to the 2015 x carve specs. The shapeoko had the Gshield and board. The x controller is really nice and I’m considering buying another one for a future project involving some spare parts I have here. I then upgraded to an aftermarket Z axis, the risers, the endplates, and 9mm belts. It’s like a whole new machine and I recommend them.