Broke center connection on limit switch

So I managed to snap off the center pin (Red Wire Connector) on one of my limit switches. Can it be use with red attached to the other outside connector? DO I need to just buy more switches? thanks

Just a guess here, but I would think you’ll have common, no (normally open) and nc (normally closed). Which would make sense as that would be the normally open leg. If you are talking about the X-Carve.

Buy more switches.

You could change all your switches to normally closed, but if your system is working correctly then the best path is to buy more switches, they’re not expensive.

I bought these as replacements and they work well.

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Thanks for the help, I’ll order those also

Maybe it is a good idea to let your machine improve itself by making these switch protectors. Made from 5mm HDPE they stop the machine and save the switches and wheels.

I may go ahead and do this, thanks