Broken Allen wrench in tension screw

I am trying to set up my X-Carve Pro and got to the setting the tension on the Y-axis and the 2.5mm Allen wrench broke off in the black screw inside the tension screw. Any suggestions on how to get it out. I tried glueing the Allen wrench back together to get the tip out, but the broken piece had too much torque.

Any help would be great.

Can you loosen it at all using a wrench on the other side?
Did you glue that broken piece in the screw now?

Can you dremel a little slot and use a screwdriver to turn it? Can the cam part be replaced easily? I did the same thing with a ball end hex wrench. That was the end of those things ( pun intended) as I only made that mistake once.

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At first I was not able to even loosen nut on the other side, but finally got it loose enough to get the screw to spin inside the tensioner. I was not able to get the Allen wrench ball removed from the screw, but my wife was able to keep the screw from spinning in place with an awl, so I could use a wrench on the other side to remove the nut and remove the black screw.

Martin, that seems like a good idea with the Dremel tool. I went out and bought a whole new set of hex wrench keys because I do not trust the ones that came with the machine. I was finally able to get the screw removed by using an awl to hold the screw in place while I used a wrench on the back side to remove the nut.

Agree on Martins idea, sounds pretty adequate