Broken belts!

Well, now I’m not so worried about feed rates for plywood as I am sourcing a belt. My x-axis belt broke. Funny when you are sitting inside the house, listening to the router hum out in the garage, and then you hear that something has changed, and you know something is wrong. On close inspection, I think my pulley was misaligned causing the premature wear.

I ordered a stretch of reinforced belting from amazon, because I can’t wait for inventbles shipping, and their shipping cost are too high for such a small item anyway. Free Amazon prime shipping for the win!

I hope I ordered the right stuff.

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post the link on what you ordered.

This is what I ordered. There was another amazon listing that had longer length, with no included pulleys, but it just said it was made of rubber and had no mention of any fiber reinforcement, so I went with this one.

Very nice, and this one will definitely fit.

Hah. Nice this was added to my Amazon cart yesterday. But I haven’t ordered it yet.

Please let us all know how it goes when you get it.

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Me too please