Broken Pulley

Has this happened to anyone else? The end of the X-axis pulley broke off.

Wow, dang, haven’t seen that before! Is your belt running properly over the idlers and pulley? I’m curious what kind of pressure is actually ON that front flange?

I had one do that but not on the xcarve but i pressed it back on and used a small punch to flair the end of the pulley to get it to stay. hope this helps

I guess it has to be from the tension of the belt pressing against the end of the pulley. When I adjust the belts I go by feel, I’ve never measured the actual tension. The last time I changed that belt I did make sure that it was centered, however its not something that I routinely check. Apparently that’s something I should start doing more often.

Those flanges are typically swaged on and can sometimes fail (pop off) due to a manufacturing defect (bad joint).

Yep popped 1 off trying to adjust on motor. Was able to get it back on pretty easy