Broken V Wheel and Mod

I recently broke a V wheel on the router carriage…I think I was being a little aggressive on DOC and IPM while cutting some aluminum. So, I figured I would replace it and add two additional wheels. Easy Mod and definitely worth the time and parts.


Smart idea !

Wow I didn’t even know you could break them. Granted I have yet to tackle any Metals but ouch. I do like the idea of adding extra as the Z never really felt right.

I have had my machine for 3+ years and never thought twice about it.

I was headed down this same path before switching my focus to an upgrade via linear slide.

I still might do this in til I can afford the linear slide. One concern i had was my ability to get the new wheel on the fixed bolt side to line up perfectly with the two existing wheels. It seems that the only way youd have a substantial benefit is if the wheels were perfectly alligned. I thought it might be better to use an eccentric spacer on both sides in order to be able to adjust for possible variation in alignment on the additional wheel.

Did you find that this mod was a noticeable improvement?

It is impossible to have three fixed wheels perfectly aligned, the only possibility is to make one of them adjustable like the other wheels and then fiddle around to make them tight and equal in pressure. Two fingers that can barely rotate the wheels should be enough.

I do find it to be more stable…if you take your time with the measurements and drill straight, you can get it accurate on the fixed bolt side…I know that is easier said than done…using the eccentric spacer on both sides would totally work…in hind sight, if I was to do it again, I would have done just that.

Center punch and a drill press are your friends