Build is done and first carve completed

I finished building my 1000mm today. Just a little more tweaking needed but I was able to do my first carve. I decided to do the tool organizer that was posted on the FB X-Carve group. Thanks to all that either answered questions here on the forum or posted tips/tricks. Due to your contributions I was able to find answers to questions without having to post new questions.



You’re now one of us!!
Assimilation complete!

Nice job! The carve looks good.

Let me translate for other new people: this forum has a search function that actually works well so use it!


Donnie looks great, let the addiction begin. Post your successes and failures as this X-carve community of addicts likes to celebrate and remember “I’ve done that before” in order to stay humble. One piece of advice, develop a work flow in order to avoid some issues such as forgetting to clamp the work piece. Again congrats, now get to carving as workspaces shouldn’t stay sawdust free for long.

Great job Donnie! Congratulations!

We will add your technological distinctiveness to our own.

Resistance is futile.

What is the name of the Facebook X-carve group you found this in? I really like this organizer layout for all my clamps!!