Building a expanded X-Carve Outside

I live in a apartment i have the 1000mm X 1000mm X-Carve. I’m expanding the Y-axis to 1800mm. Therefore I have no room to store a bigger X-Carve. The only option is to build it in my backyard. I need help with things to cover from weather elements like tents or a canopy, and etc. I need to know what wood to get to build a new spoil-board and also wood for my table top. I will be using a metal frame Kreg table 64x64in to put the X-Carve on. Any advice to keep my X-Carve protected will surely be appreciated.

why would you want wood for something you know is going to be effected outside with moisture?

Check out the aluminum extrusions options. like

as listed in this post New aluminum t slot bed

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Rain is not the only thing to worry about. Humidity will wreak havoc on the electronics, anything that will rust and the Spindle. Since it’s January and I see some green grass, I can bet you get some major humidity throughout the year.

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I don’t know what part of the country you’re in, but if the ground freezes then that would cause problems with the ground heaving and throwing off the flatness of your table. In that case you’d really need a proper concrete foundation under it. With that and the need to shelter it, you’re quickly going to end up building a real building for it.

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