Bulk Plywood Cheap?

Anyone got a good online source for bulk plywood? Basically looking for standard Midwest brand craft ply (not aircraft grade).

The best so far I’ve seen is HobbyLinc, which I can get down to about $3.75 for a 12" x 24" 3mm sheet ordering about 60 sheets (shipping of ~$30 ground included)

This is what I usually buy.
Baltic birch bulk

Awesome. Thanks Brian.

Don’t know about the grade. BB? Is that acceptable enough grades for most product?

Is Midwest branded stuff BB or better (does anyone know)?

Midwest is BB as well. Depends what you’re using it for. AA which is aircraft grade is the best but very expensive.

Great. I’ve been buying some of my stuff cut by a local laser guy who says he uses Midwest. The quality is decent, but I never see the labels to know what kind of stuff it is.

Thanks for that link! That looks so much better than paying $5/ea

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