Bump stop vs locate pins

I’m getting ready to build a couple more guitars and haven’t mastered 2 sided carving yet. Does anybody here use the bump stop for locating instead of using locating pins? Or strictly just locating pins?

Yep, sounds about right. My first try at using locate pins ended up in a $70 walnut mistake that I managed to salvage. I have learned a ton since then, gonna throw some plywood on the machine tomorrow and try to tighten up my B bender route, so this will be a good test for the 2 sided thing as well.

3 pins are the minimum.
as long as they form a right triangle
Thats what my paper cutting machine uses. 3 points that are in a right triangle formation and you use the laser to line it up.
Works perfect every time.

??? Can’t visualize. Do you mean “equilateral”?

EDIT: Sorry, had fliping in mind, not locating. :blush:

the first one is a right triangle.