Bunny coat hanger

Hi all !

well someday my wife found this on google (me and my wife love rabbit things…)

so i try hardly to make one for her

so after drawing it on easel (btw thoses round are for the tail hook )

i try it on some hard plank of an old shelf (look like some OSB but harder !!!)

so after some fails

and power adjustement on the arduino

it was gooing

good until close to the last pass when i lost the X (and maybe the Y…)

but finaly with the help of dremel i finish the cut
you can see the fail at the botom…

my cut settings :
1mm deep by pass
6/6 speed on the dewalt
bit : 8mm 3cut

50min work estimate by easel, but couldnt finish it…
i think (by earing the x-carve) it was a bit to fast

i will try again an other day, but thoses 20mm of wood does not want to try again lol

i will try deeper but slower next time


you might also turn your dewalt down to notch 1 i never run mine on 6 its just to fast it will shorten the life of your router

looks good though

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thank for the advice, but it will increase the time of work ? (i will need to slow down the feed rate too ?)

I actually broke my first bit because I had dewalt set to a 6 and was going too slow, the bit got so hot it snapped. When I slowed down my rpm I found I could actually speed up my cuts to increase the chip size which keeps the bit cool.

okay thank for the feedback, i will study now the furmula of feed rate

You can increase your feedrates to 1500mm/min and reduce the Dewalt speed to 1. You will get much more life from the tool and from your Dewalt.

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mhhhhh ok ok

well i wana try it for myself.

i made some circles (thoses who fail yesterday)
1000mm/min doc 1mm speed 1 : ok
1000mm/min doc 2mm speed 1 : FAIL
1500mm/min doc 1mm speed 1 : ok
2000mm/min doc 1mm speed 1 : ok (seem the limit) and there is some burning spot when the bit raise up to make the tabs

it’s funny to discover that you can increase the speed but not the deep ^^
weel no at 2000mm/min it fail at the second time

8mm 3cut

yep that what i wanted to test
or the wood is very very hard, and it takes a lot more torque than I imagine
or my bit is pure shit…

I wonder if my first few tests haven’t damage my 8mm bit

with the 1/4 (2cut) from inventable wich speed and doc can i go ?
1500MM @ 2-3mm deep ?

i will try to adjust my potentometers with the video you just linked

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6/6 is way too high . I think that’s only for a Maple hardwood . Or maybe a Hickory wood .

Or run it on non critical test stuff til it snaps…

No need to ever use a speed that high. Faster rpm’s do not cut harder materials better.

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well… you were right
after 30min of adjustment of potentiometers
watchout about limit switch, i was close to destruction

I could well increase the power in my axes

I did some test with the 1/4 bit inventable provided during the purchase of x-carve in my and my board seems to be OSB I tested

1000mm / min @ 2doc => ok
1500mm / min @ 2doc => ok
2000mm / min @ 2doc => ok (and easy !)
1000mm / min @ 3doc => ok
1500mm / min @ 3doc => ok (littles suspects sounds)

all this are in full cut (no stepover)
(not sure how to say in english… well 1/4 bit for 1/4 wide cut…)

thanks all for your recomendation !!!

i will check later for the 8mm bit… (seem badly burned XD)

Whoa, I never carve more than 1mm doc!

I may have to up the pots some then. I made the adjustments based on Robert’s videos, though I didn’t leave them near the upper limit.