Spindle Speed for Cedar

@PhilJohnson I seen a-lot of info at the Bunny thread but didn’t want to hijack it. I have been running my spindle Dewalt 611 on 6 since I got it. Appears that is wrong. I am carving on cedar planks with a 2 Flute 1/4" bit @ 50 IPM and 0.1 depth. What settings would you suggest?

you feedrate and depth is fine…try spindle at between 1 and 2

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Thanks @JayReynoldsIi I will give that a go.

I did the same as you when I started out. You will get a courser ‘dust’ than you do now too which is better…lol my first few cuts I had more of a powder than a dust.

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So a question related to this, does the torque fall off on that router when you run it that slow? I’ve been running everything on “4” and adjusting my feedrates and DoC - seems to work great. Just curious whether the router has a “sweet spot”.

Just keep in mind that, speed 5 and over will kill your router’s brushes. And you never need higher than dial 4. Dewalt is crazy fast animal.

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I’ve been working with hardwoods, and I’ve also found that you just can’t cut much corners. This is a hobby machine, and should be treated as such. Hence, cuts tend to last longer than you’d want.

If you feel your machine is struggling, better lessen the feedrate and/or depth of cut instead of upping the spindle.