Button in Machine Menu for Home, G28, G30 and/or keyboard shortcuts

There is a HOME button that is under the machine menu but is only visible when your machine is on.

Could G28 and G30 buttons be added in a similar way, please?

Yes, I can ctrl+shift+d and then type the codes in but it would be awesome if you could add “repetitive” commands to the machine menu or expand the “advanced user” keyboard shortcuts to reduce steps and improve workflow:

CTRL+SHIFT+H = Home the Machine
CTRL+SHIFT+P = “Park” location G28
CTRL+SHIFT+W = “Work” location G30
CTRL+SHIFT+O = “Origin” set the 0,0
CTRL+SHIFT+J = Bring up a Jog Controller window and have H (Home), G28 (Park), G30 (Work), G28.1 (Set Park), G30.1 (Set Work), Origin (Set 0,0) and maybe some other function buttons to be able to make the “advanced user” things more accessible.



Great idea!

Yes I agree that would be very useful.
And I would not expect that to be too difficult for the programmers to incorporate into the UI.

Or even just some macro buttons that we can program ourselves with whatever commands we want


Inventables Team, any thoughts on this? Would it be something you’d consider?
Maybe a Pro feature?

P.S. If Easel Pro actually had more “advanced” settings and features available, I’d be willing to get it. Not going to happen for just more fonts, the ability to v-carve as often as I want, and a slightly better in some case toolpath generation.
I think you’re missing an opportunity for the Pro environment to be a test bed of new features. Pro gets new features and then as they get refined they become standard Easel and Pro gets the next batch of new stuff. If you would do something like that, I’d go Pro. If I know that development is happening, I will be willing to chip in the money to help. “Easy” things like function buttons / quick keys would be enough to get me on board.


Any thoughts on this inventables team? Working on something or not?

It was nice to see the ability to quickly hide and unhide the preview pane was added.


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Now we’re talking!

It is very frustrating that posts seem to just go into a black hole.

Even just a patronizing “we’ll look into it” is better than nothing.

Every time I have to run a batch of things I curse Easel for not having easily accessible buttons and macros.
(Yes I know there are other options for running/sending code, but I bought an X-carve that touts Easel)

I tire of having to cntrl + shift + D, wait for the dialog to open, then wait for the command box to finalize its position in the popup, click the box, then type G28 (or G30)

Just too many steps that could be reduced with a few buttons just like the HOME.

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People rave about Inventables’ customer service, yet these forums and the customer submitted inputs that would make their products better get ignored constantly.

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Hi there! Thanks for your message. Posts definitely don’t go ignored - the team goes through them. We are also working on a better way for people to submit new ideas and requests they’d like for Easel which we’ll let the forum know about as soon as we have that ready!

This forum isn’t for customer service, though, so if you ever need something immediately, you can reach out to our Customer Success team here!

Thanks for adding jog functions outside the carve menu! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

As a sign of good faith on my part that we will continue to see user requested improvements to Easel, I’ve signed up for Pro.

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They’ve added a separate button to access a jog menu, however, it’s no different than having to click the Carve button, just another button with the same ability just different look.

When a project ends, you still have to click ‘yes’ it finished, then click another button to enable jogging; it used to be the ‘Carve’ button, now it’s just another button with arrows. Nothing’s changed except the ‘look/design’. Instead of the “It finished, does it look okay?” Give me a window with an immediate ability to jog the carriage without having to click anything.


Two months later and still no other enhancements.
I’m not asking for something terribly complicated. I just need a button like the HOME in the GUI for things like G28, G30, and ORIGIN so I don’t have to constantly go to the console to use the x-carve for production.

Easel tag line…
“Start creating with the easiest 3d carving software
Forget complicated software—Easel simplifies the design process with intuitive tools and interactive apps. It’s fun, easy, and free.”

Well please add things to the interface to make it easier and more fun to run more than 1 carve a day.


I use a Mac Mini and QuicKeys software for 3-axis zeroing, and doing precisely what you want. I’ve assigned keyboard macros to the F keys. F1 starts the 3-axis zeroing, F2 is my G28 goto and F3 is the G30 goto. Not exactly a mouse-clickable setup since Easel can’t do it, but it works for me.

Yesterday after a carve, the post carve window included the jog controls and below to “park” the gantry either 3" above or below (y-axis move)… while this is definitely useful (what I was carving was a one off and didn’t use it) what would really be nice is for it to be G28 (what I did use after pulling up the machine inspector) or G30 or maybe all of those options.


Joe have you tried any other sender options?
That may alleviate your frustrations. However if you only design with Easel there might be additional complications.
In the 17 months since your request you could have become proficient with another software and sender.
Don’t get me wrong Easel is great as an entry level software but at some point many of us have to move on.

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I bought an X-carve touted with its own software for running carves. I shouldn’t have to become proficient at something else to simply run g-code. Especially for something as basic as being able to issue a G28 command without having to jump through hoops.

In 17 months Inventables could have made many upgrades to Easel, right?

Is it too much to expect that a company with this as their homepage slogan

CNC Milling Made Easy
Effortlessly design projects in our Easel software and bring them to life with our X-Carve CNC machine.

would be working to make it true?


Hi @JoeBcrafts,

Adding some flexibility to Easel’s machine controls is under consideration. Actual consideration, not circular file euphemism.



Nearing the end of 2021… still under consideration or been file 13’d?

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