Buy dust shoe for x carve pro

where can I buy dust shoe for x carve pro?

Contact Inventables Customer Support. The number is available on all pages on website.

Are you just needing a replacement boot or the entire setup? While the parts aren’t available in the shop they do have the parts within the warehouse.

replacement boot only

After having clogging issues with the stock boot, I shifted to a ‘Pixels to Prototype’ boot. So much better, has 4" dust collector and sucks up way more dust and never clogs.

Pixels to Prototype Dust Boot v3 - Onefinity, CNC4Newbie, Phantom, and MORE | pix2proto

How difficult was it to interface this boot to an XCarve Pro?

It wasn’t difficult. It does require removing the plastic housing around the spindle, which I was worried about at first. I put a request out to Inventables support asking if removing the plastic housing would affect the warranty and they said it did not. I did find that a lot of sawdust had accumulated inside the housing, so I’m glad I did remove it. It could have been a hazard in the future.

Attaching the dust shoe was easy with this P2P boot. In fact, the old one worked so well that I recently updated to his version 2 boot which is even better.

I have pictures of v1 dust boot, I’ll add v2 later today.

This image was when I was installing the first time, it’s the picture I sent to Inventables support asking about the housing:

Here’s a pic of all the sawdust that was stuck in the housing:

Installing the v1 dust boot:

The 4" ring is removeable, so you can disconnect the dust collection hose without removing the entire boot. I honestly never had to do this, but was a nice option.



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