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Buying a CO2 Laser?

[Note: Most of the CO2 laser discussions on the forum are 3-4 years old (unless my search was poor) I thought there might be some updated info among members]

Those who have a CO2 Laser cutting machines - which brand models did you buy and would you buy again?

I have an Epilog and yes I would purchase from them again.

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@RussellCrawford Which of the Epilog units did you buy and what was the price est?

The Epilog Legend 120 Watt, 36" X 24". It was around $34,000.

I have access to the makerspace’s Universal lasers. They are 60 watt units that can cut 18 by 32. They too are in the $30K range. They work really well though.

If you are looking in the cheaper range though, the glowforge units work reasonably well. Some of the Full Spectrum lasers are competitive as well. They are nice because they have integrated cooling so you don’t have to have the bucket of water and the pumps etc. Finally the Dremel is nicely packaged as well and is UL listed if you care about that.

I would avoid the K40 type lasers that you buy on Ebay. Those can be hard to operate, have a small working area, and a few have questionable electronics.

I have a Glowforge and couldn’t be happier. Very user friendly once you understand the working area, and how to create designs that work with it. It’s very particular on how it works with SVG files.Raster graphics aren’t an issue, Camera placement helps with putting your design where you want. Get a discount with a referral code. I know where you could find one if you need help.

You can join the forum, just no ability to create a post without being an owner. Might help you decide.

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@RussellCrawford I was looking at the Legend series, Mini 18, Mini 24, and Helix Laser Machines. Which of the series did you get? Perhaps it was an older model, I’m not seeing a 36" x 24" 120W unit.

$30k hmm that makes the Glowforge look like a nice starter unit. I like the Epilog’s but not sure I want to go that heavy on the budget just yet.

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It’s an older model, got it in 2012