Buying a xcarve

I’ll be buying a x carve in a about a month for my wood shop just wondering how hard the build is and how steep the learning curve is. I understand their will be some as their is with anything but just curious on your opinions. Sorry if this was a topic before.

Welcome to the forum. I don’t have videos on the assembly of the XCarve but if you carefully follow the instructions you will be fine. I do have many videos that may help you get started and shorten your learning curve on doing different projects. Also, there are many people here that will help you.

Thank you very much I’ll definitely check out the videos thanks again looking forward to getting into this.

I’d say the instructions are some of the best I’ve seen with good photos throughout. Just take your time with it. The parts are all bagged and labeled and each section and each section has a parts list for that aspect of the build.

Take your time and you’ll be fine. I recall a lot of trepidation about upcoming steps that seemed too complex for me and yet I made my way through just fine once I got to them.

I still remember when I got my X-carve. I saw all the boxes and was excited. Then when I opened them and saw all the packages of screws bolts and washer I was skeptical. At the end of it all when I got it all assembled and was ready to carve I had a great sense of pride and accomplishment.

In short you will be fine. Just follow the instructions and keep that parts organized and separated. Only open what you need as you need it. Don’t rush.

While waiting for the purchase/machine to arrive, read through the Xcarve Assembly instructions to familiarize yourself with it :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone I really appreciate the words of encouragement and helpful guidance looking forward to getting started with my machine