Buying Limit Switches

Does any one know a good place (preferably in canada) that I can buy replacement homing switches?

I’m in Canada I purchased mine from Direct from china, so it takes awhile to get here (maybe 3 weeks possibly 4 weeks), but you can’t beat the price and free shipping!

HERE are the ones I purchased, they are actually really nice. They seem nicer than the ones I got from Inventables, they have steel rollers on them and fit the X-Carve perfectly!

eBay for me.

Do you have Amazon, they’re cheap and reliable

I am looking to get them as fast as possible. Maybe even to upgrade all three if there is something better out there. And yes I use Amazon @BrianSaban

These are the ones I bought…

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Hopefully soon.

When you get your switches just make sure that you identify the terminals for your wiring. The switches you buy may not have the same pin out as the pictures in the assembly instructions.

these are the ones I bought

I got these, haven’t received them yet. 2.51 + free shipping. OIdered, then next day they’ve already shipped. China

I see most of these suggestions are rated at 5A. The switch I have that I’m trying to replace is rated 1a at 125VAC and 30VDC. Does it matter?

Limit/homing switched are really low voltage/current (5V and a few mA´s) so practically any kind of switch rating wise will do.

This is what I thought, but I wanted to double check before I screwed something up. THANKS GUYS!