Cabinetmaker access

I have tried countless times to access cabinetmaker in easel but cannot find it. When i try through inventables website and ask for access the link takes me to my easel pro subscription just like I am going to run any thing else but no cabinetmaker.I have always been opted in for beta testing, any help would be greatly appreciated!

This is the link I got in my email when I signed up - I have never used any of the easel products and ONLY have use for the cabinet maker software

Then click here -

I am guessing it is not available for those who are grandfathered in with 4 free days a month. I cannot find it either.

For reference - I don’t have any subscriptions or anything - I just signed up for the beta of easel pro - which ended a month ago - but I can still use cabinet maker.

I don’t know what to say, but everytime I hit new project the selection is there.

Did you get the welcome email after you signed up for the beta? You have to get the email and click a link - maybe it went to junk or spam?

I was able to get on I emailed them and they sent me a link that worked

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They fixed my account for access as well.

We are aware of an issue where existing Easel/Easel Pro users might not be granted access to Easel Cabinetmaker when clicking the link on the website. We’re working to fix that. As a temporary workaround, logging out of your account before clicking the link should give you access. (You only need to do this once.)

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