Cabinetry Software Updates - Week of 3/24/2023

Upcoming Developments

  • Investigate post-processing options for alternative CNC controllers
  • Users can set Custom Stock Dimensions for materials when nesting
  • Users can specify drawer face material type and thickness
  • Explore options for customizing drawer number and size for base cabinets with drawers
  • Technical exploration of implementing a “One Door + One Drawer” base cabinet
  • Easier arrangement and positioning of cabinets in projects with multiple cabinets
  • Technical exploration of adding wall(s) to the project view, placing cabinets on more than one wall
  • Layout solution for corner cabinets
  • Better cabinet naming
  • Add additional drill holes for mounting hinges, drawer slides
  • Easy sharing and commenting on cabinet projects
  • Add details for compatible hardware options

In Progress

  • Technical revisions and code updates (ensures we have a solid foundation of code to keep building upon)
  • Improvements to dado and rabbet geometries for drawers
  • Move selected inputs to “project-level settings” in ‘See Entire Project’ view
  • Ensure “same as box material” functionality

Released this week

  • Cabinet construction method, top panel style, and toekick in project-level settings
  • Remove error message when Back Panel Offset = 0
  • Drawers - Rabbet dimensions to account for bit diameter
  • Improvements to technical storage of cabinet properties
  • Add option for Back Panel Stretchers
  • Back panel stretchers - construction methods
  • Revise shelf pin hole spacing (System 32 holes)

Please feel free to reach out in this thread if you have questions, comments, or feedback related to this update. Have a great weekend and happy carving!