Cable from controller to computer

where can i find a longer cable roughly 10 ft. Moving things around in my shop and would like to have a longer cable

Amazon is the cheapest. You can also get at Best Buy, Staples, Wallyworld… there is nothing special about the wire. It’s just a standard cable.

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its just a usb-b correct or?

Which machine do you have. Can you post a photo showing both ends of the cable

i dont have the cord with me. but it is the x carve i got 5 years ago that has the controller. a usb on one end for the computer and the one that looks like its for a printer on the other end

Yes, that’s commonly referred to as a USB printer cord. It has a USB-A on one end and a USB-B on the other.

Follow the link below to one I found on Amazon which shows it was delivered to me tomorrow so I’m gonna assume the same for you

Amazon link

thank you so much this is what i need and well help in the new layout of the shop

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