Cable rail makerslide not tapped
Extrusion T-Slot 20x20 x 1000mm Tapped

not tapped on either end. nice that i made it this far without a hardware store run. shame the set i inherited from grandpa when he passed has illegible markings

if you have a spare screw, grind two sides in so the teeth can cut. I’ve done this a few times for things, it usually works well. Did it today to tap some acrylic.

got a set of metric taps for $13 after the obligatory 20% coupon.

nice! Might have to jump on that too.

I received mine on 11/26 and it was tapped. Obviously your’s was somehow missed.

Call Inventables they will make this right.

thx @Zach_Kaplan, but it was just the excuse i needed to finally buy a set of taps I can read markings, plus quality time with my son too. almost finished with the build.

work tightly monitored by the robot overlord in the garage… her name is EV3.

i am glad the forum is being monitored, maybe just shoot an email to production so they double check tapped hiles for the next guy who doesnt know how to tap a hole.

@Zach_Kaplan one other slight speed bump earlier in the assembly

easy fix drilling the hole out with a counter bore, but leaves room for improvement too.

The investigation netted some interesting results:

  1. Some people have called with this issue and it turned out they accidentally used the tapped instead of the untapped 1000mm extrusion when assembling the waste board. I don’t know if it happened here but it is a possibility.

  2. We checked current stock and there was a single untapped extrusion in the tapped extrusion batch from the vendor that is kept separate and used in X-Carve drag chain kit assembly (We store the tapped extrusions on the production line and all other untapped extrusions in the rail room on the other side of the warehouse). It is possible that there were indeed 2 and you got one of them.

  3. With regards to the countersink and the screws we did some testing and it turns out the screws were out of spec. We ordered some screws from a different supplier and tried them and they worked. The angle on the head on the ones we have in production was incorrect and did not meet the publish standard for those screws. We have a fix in process. This should solve that issue with the motors mounting flush to the plates.

Thank you for reporting these issues. I’m sorry this happened to you.

My tapped rail is installed at the rear of my machine.

I’m so glad that the issue with the flat head screws and carriage extrusion wasn’t just me being dense.

Thanks for the apology. Happy to report back to make the experience better for the next maker.

I was expecting some minor road bumps in the assembly process. It was nothing that can’t be handled, and add to the pride in ownership.

If each page in the assembly instruction had a “common issues/solutions” link, that might help users self-remedy the issue. Maybe just a link to a forum topic that’s applicable? Just a thought.

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