Cables for the stepper motor

Anyone who knows the minimum area of the cables to stepper motor
I need new and can not find the same as the original here in Scandinavia.
I have switched to the x controller and need new cables

In the USA for the stepper motors I use 18/4 gauge (4 18 gauge wires in a shield) shielded wires.

18 gauge = 0.823 mm^2

For other wiring I used 22/4 gauge (4 22 gauge wires in a shield) shielded wire.

22 gauge = 0.327 mm^2

If you can’t get wiring that matches these sizes, get wires that are a little bigger rather than smaller.


16/4 shielded would be best. Or do 18/8 22/8 and double up. We do that sometimes for secured keypads that use the weigand protocol.

I use these:

i forgot to write stranded.