CAD program for CNC

I am looking to buy/download a decent CAD program to be able to build designs by entering certain line lengths, chamfers, trim…etc. I have tried a couple different ones and nothing is working out. What is everyone out there using because I am surely not the only one out there trying to design something and move it to easel. Thanks is advance!

List of the free/opensource options at:

Commercial options are at:

Usually if folks want a CAD program like to AutoCAD they pick DraftSight. If you want to work hands-on, then any Bézier curve drawing program such as Inkscape will work well (if you’re on Mac OS X or Linux, Cenon is worth considering).

Draftsight is the CAD program I use though i don’t think it will save a file as SVG. Only DWG and DXF. It is free.

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@StanPhillips In Draftsight you can plot a drawing as SVG. Just make sure your scale is set 1:1 when plotting.


Fusion 360. Free for hobbyists/small businesses.