Cake Toppers

I have a cake topper to make, What material has been used or recommended? they want a wood look.

Thanks Steve

I’ve seen a few people use the more cleaner plywood/hard woods to make thin pieces milled or laser cut with a co2 for names and custom like dates/messages they wanted on the toppers. You could also model something in fusion 360 then take a picture of different woods in real life and use the decal option to over lay your model to give the customer a chance to see it in that wood type before milling.

I don’t have a laser or fusion I might order the bamboo plywood from inventables or just plane down a hardwood. Thanks for the info. Steve

Hi Steve

I hope you are well, i have been trying to make a cake toper under my projects, but im not coming righ, how do i creat a Cake topper?

Thanking you in advance for your assistance
have a great day

Wood or plastic?
CNC or laser?

Example of what you want to achieve?

Need some more info to be able to help see Haldors questions, do you have a picture or idea of what you want?

I make cake toppers for my wife, mainly out of plastic but also thin plywood on occation.

For plastics I tend to choose V-bit and my revised carve details are:
32ipm feed rate (pluge 50% of that)
RPM 9k
Depth per pass 2,2mm = full depth (0.2mm below material floor)
Material thickness 2mm
No clean-up pass required.

For plywood, material thickness 2mm, I use 1mm straight bit:
800mm/min feed rate
RPM 9k
Depth per pass 0.3-0.5mm depending on the wood as they break easily.

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Hi Steve,

Thank you i had dome right with the design :slight_smile: i was struggling to get the designs right. but watch a few youtube videos and boom i got it right, i havent cut it yet tough, once its done i will post for comments :slight_smile:

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