Calibrate machine

I need to calibrate the steps on the machine. I told it to move 10mm it moved 4mm. I went to easel clicked on machine advanced machine inspector but it won’t let me chance the value of the number. also what should I change the value of the number to. this is for the x axis and the number is 40.000 right now.

Before adjusting steps/mm, also check your microstepping jumper. Your microstepping may be wrong.

Also check belt tension.

Can you link one for me I did some searches but they were related to calibrating and parts not matching

can you explain how to do this my calibration is spot on checked it over 500mm just now with ruler I bought today


Do you have the Xcontroller or Gshield?

x controller

when I cut a circle that is 54.5 mm it come out at 52.5 the circle is nice and round its just not the right size. belts are tight calibration is on. I’m using easel is that the problem? getting frustrated

holy crap I think that was the problem I had it on path instead of outline. thank you so much for helping me solve that is the simple stuff sometimes

using 1/16 inch

can anyone look at this and see if they can fill the gap in-between the two circels trying to make a stepped plate like this one but smaller