Calibrated but cuts are under 1/16", ovals instead of circles

Problem #1
I recently calibrated my Xcarve (model after Nov '21). When set to travel 400mm on X or Y axis it moves exactly 400mm. Z axis is spot on too! But now I’m trying to manufacture a part for a wooden toy truck and noticed that it is cutting 1/16" under what Easel is set to.

Problem #2
Circles get cut as ovals in a diagonal direction. I can understand if it was X or Y oriented, but this is diagonal. So strange!

Settings: 40ipm, Makita router on 3 (roughly 16,000rpm)
Bit: 1/8" spiral down cut with astrahp from bitsbits

Easel screenshot shows the dimensions correctly. Photos show the discrepancy.

How is the work piece being held to the waste board? Probably not the right direction to solve your problem but still curious.

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