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Calibration instructions for my Shapeoko 2

I really need to calibrate the steppers of my Shapeoko, but can't find where or how to do the job. Are there some instructions someplace?

I'm running it with Easel and my cuts are off close to 50%. With my my CNC router running Mach 3 this is a snap to set, but not with my Shapeoko. I think this is my last hurtle to jump.


I was looking at the G shield a while ago and questioning if I should purchase it as a possible solution to this problem. I'm currently running a clone of this board. As I was reading the info on the G Shield I saw that it is set for 8 step microstepping, - I believe that I have my board set for 16 microstepping.

Could this be the cause of my problem?

Thank you.


EDIT: Someone more experienced with grbl should be able to jump in here now and tell you what/how to change the settings you've got to fix the problem.

or the horse's mouth:

And the winning answer is - yes. The problem was the microstepping setting on the board. Setting it to 1/8 microsteps gave me the carved size (3x4inch square I was trying to get!

It's nice to know that the inexpensive boards on Ebay ($5) will work just fine and run Grbl too.

Thanks for the help all. Time for me to start cutting!