Calibration not right?

Hi guys,

I’ve read a lot of calibration problems on this forum… I tried a lot of tips and tricks to tighten the belts and so on.
When I cut straight lines, everything is superbe, clean and nice cuts.
Circles less then 2cm are “good” (a bit oval) but the ones above 2cm are wrong.

The machine makes a weird movement, 1 on the top left and one on the bottom right…

Can somebody help me with this?

Thanks in advance!

Maybe low current on the steppers? There are a number of things it could be. :smile:

First thoughts: Check all your V-wheels, belt tensions, and set screws on the stepper pulleys. Then adjust your stepper motor current (there’s a number of threads here on correct method for doing that) and give it another shot.

That is not normal, correctly-adjusted behavior for the X-Carve. No worries, we can track the problem down and put paid to it! :smile:

Def not normal. I will say when I first started I had issues too. V wheels. The pots. The bit. Feeds speeds. Now I can get really good results. Just takes time. And patience.

Alright! I think I know what to do next week! I will keep you updated!
Thanks for the info

Here is a video to show what the machine is doing.
The belt tension is at 3,5 pound (1,65kg). This was a good tension for a lot of people.
The V wheels are very hard to turn (this is a good thing, I think). Screws and pulleys seem alright too.
The movement is consistent. The X-carve does the same thing over and over again (even if I restart or carve more depth in to it).
Is this a current problem then? I wanted to check before trying that.

If you sure all those fine adjusted, the last result is to adjusting stepper power. You can search this forum to see safest way to adjust those pods.

The pulleys where a bit to lose. So when the machine moved, it stayed stationary for 1 or 2mm. This caused the problem. Thanks for the help! We can put resolved next to this topic now! Can’t wait to carve some more wood!